Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Eye on Television: "Survivors"

Just a short recommendation here. Today marks the DVD release of the only two seasons of BBC's "Survivors". Here's a little description of the show:

"Set in the present day, the series focuses on a group of regular people who survive the aftermath of a devastating viral pandemic – referred to as "European Flu" – which kills most of the world's population. The series sees the characters struggling against terrible dangers in a world with no society, no police and no law and order led by the de facto matriarch of the group, Abby Grant."

The post-apocalyptic show benefited from high ratings in its first season. However, this would also be its curse. Slipping ratings for the second season were used as justification for canceling the show earlier this month. Even though the ratings generated in the second season would be considered a success for most outlets, this was not the case for BBC 1.

The show's run may have just been 12 episodes, but during that time it displayed a powerful narrative, strong character development and slick production values. The show's cancellation is a disappointment, but It is sure to live on, to be mentioned in the company of other great shows that were prematurely axed (Deadwood, Firefly, Arrested Development etc.).

The show can be bought at Amazon for $38.99 and is available on Netflix. I highly recommend it.

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