Thursday, July 8, 2010

LET ME IN - No Thanks

A trailer for the American remake of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN was released recently. Now titled LET ME IN, the story has been uprooted from Sweden to Denver and appears to be taking on a slightly different tone. I'll post both films' trailers for comparison.

Now, I can't really judge the film completely before I see it, but I'm pretty pessimistic. I've stated many times before that I believe in the power of remakes improve or at least interestingly alter an idea. I'm not against American remakes of foreign films if America as a setting or culture brings something new to the table, but I just don't see that happening with LET ME IN. Colorado only seems like a watered-down Sweden and an obvious locale for the remake. I feel like the people who got the ball rolling on this project saw an excellent film and wanted to present it to an American audience without the horrible, box-office damaging hindrance of subtitles. (*I just want to put it out there that if you can't stand subtitles then you're probably a tool and you're only hurting yourself*).

I know I'm just going off of what the trailer had to offer, but this remake seems too rock and roll, a kind of scary thriller. The original was a somber picture with a rather touching relationship at the heart of it. Something like it probably wouldn't play well in the states, so LET ME IN has to amp the action and thrills up a bit, which is a shame because I the end result will likely be pretty lame.

I just don't think America has a whole lot to offer the vampire myth. Scandinavian culture is so much closer to the world of magic and superstition. It is something that is close to their hearts and their history. In America, the myths of our immigrant ancestors are only close to our wallets. Our vampire-legacy will be defined by the sparkly daywalkers from TWILIGHT and all their magazine covers.

I will say two positive things about the film:
1. I like the use of Morse code in the advertising. (it says "Help Me" at the end of the trailer)
2. I just heard that Michael Giacchino will be composing the score. He recently won an Oscar for his work on UP. He also did excellent work with STAR TREK and on TV's "Fringe".

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