Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I don't really feel the need to give this film a lengthy review. It's not your standard film, just a bunch of gags edited together in no important order. It was the funny, disgusting, shocking stuff you'd expect from the Jackass crew. I laughed hard and enjoyed myself thoroughly, so it was a success.

It also bears the distinction of being the first film I've seen in 3D. I've resisted this trend because it strikes me as mostly pointless and a bit cheesy, but it works very well for these sight-gags. I wasn't blown away by it, but I did appreciate the clarity of the 3D images and the way it was utilized for the film. I still can't imagine seeing a traditional narrative of any sort, action or otherwise, in 3D as I feel it would be very distracting.

Back to JACKASS:

I find these guys to be so likable when they're together (even Bam). I appreciate the fact that they all put themselves through so much pain and discomfort for our enjoyment. I can't imagine that any of them really need to for the money anymore, especially Knoxville, who nearly breaks his neck after being gored by a bull, or Bam, who runs through a corridor of stun guns and cattle prods. This film gives the impression that this is the gang's final hoorah and that they'll be moving on after this. It's the end of an era. The credits montage of old-footage was actually quite touching and shows what a big part of each other's lives they've all been. However, due to the immense success of the film, the studio is considering releasing another full-length Jackass feature using footage the guys left on the cutting room floor, so perhaps it isn't time to say goodbye quite yet.

A couple quick notes:
1. It was nice to see a happy, healthy, sober Steve-O, back from the brink of self-destruction.
2. If you haven't seen the film yet, prepare yourself for a lot of Chris Pontius penis.

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Jackass 3D said...

I can't believe that they are coming out with Jackass in a 3D version! that sounds unbelievably graphic