Monday, March 7, 2011

The Bee's Knees - "Adventure Time"

Unveiling two new features today. One being the quote of the day I already posted (though I doubt I'll keep up with it daily). Next is "The Bee's Knees", which is basically a post about something I'm currently passionate about that I believe should receive a little more recognition. Today, it's Cartoon Network's zany cartoon "Adventure Time".

The show, created by Pendleton Ward, debuted last April and prominently features popular voice-talent, John Di Maggio ("Futurama"). Even though it hasn't even been around for a whole year, "Adventure Time" has already yielded close to 40 episodes and is in its 2nd season (with a 3rd scheduled for November).

Why is "Adventure Time" the Bee's Knees? I'll tell you:

- Jake the Dog (Di Maggio) and Finn the Human are as dynamic a duo as there ever was. They have outstanding chemistry and charisma whilst fighting to save the mythical land of Ooo, which is home to many a strange and fantastical creature. They set themselves apart from other animated/kid-friendly protagonists by being hyper-violent. Most of their conflicts are settled through beatdowns of those who would dare commit evil.

- The show continues the trend of having exceedingly eccentric and non-sensical youth programming, but it's better than those because it doesn't pander to children. I'd argue that a great deal of the show's content would be inappropriate for small children, if said content wasn't likely to float right over their heads. Finn's torture at the hands of gnomes comes to mind here.

- The show features a great supporting cast: Princess Bubblegum, Lady Rainicorn, Marceline, Tree Trunks, BMO, The Ice King, Peppermint Butler. "Adventure Time" features some of the strongest, most-interesting female characters on television, let alone animation. The first four characters on the list above (and to some-extent the fifth) have distinct, unique, funny personalities that add a lot to the adventures of the main protagonists.

- The guest voice talents on the show are varied and talented. Mark Hamill, Clancy Brown, George Takei, Henry Rollins, Lou Ferrigno and Peter Stomare.

- The Music! Each episode features a distinct and often-catchy score. The show also features plenty of musical segments that will be stuck in your head for days.

- "Adventure Time" is probably the funniest show currently airing. It definitely caters to those with a unique, gonzo sense of humor. It's persistently off-the-wall, intensively creative, and a bit dark. Each segment of the show only runs about 11 minutes as well, so you never have to invest yourself in any episode too greatly. Short and sweet.

New episodes of "Adventure Time" can be seen on Cartoon Network every Monday at 8/7 central. For older episodes, clips and more things "Adventure Time", visit their official site.

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