Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Rundown: The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

Personally, I'd just wait and see it for myself, but if anyone is interested in what The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer entails, here it is (as far as I remember):

- There are a bunch of clips from the previous films (mostly Begins) with titles intercut saying things about "the heroes journey" and how they must always come to an end.

- There are also images reminiscent of the teaser poster, showing buildings crumbling from above. Throughout the trailer, these images move progressively upwards until the end where they become the bat symbol in a fashion similar to trailers for the previous installments.

- What felt like the bulk of the trailer was new footage of Jim Gordon laid up in a hospital bed, barely able to breathe, talking to an offscreen Batman/Bruce Wayne. He's wheezing, so I don't think I picked up on everything he said, but it was something to the effect of "You left us and allowed this evil to come in. Please come back" and Wayne responds "what if he can't?" and more from Gordon on why they need Batman.

- There's a split-second cut of Bane's face in the mask, though most people have already seen what that looks like.

- The final fresh image from the trailer is Batman lifting himself from standing water and seemingly struggling, hands raised to fight, and then Bane's enormous back enters the frame.

This isn't a 100% account, but I assure you it's pretty close. Though, since it was very late and much of my attention then went to Harry Potter, some details may have escaped my memory.

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