Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trailer Time

Just wanted to post some trailers for some upcoming films since it's been awhile.

SOURCE CODE - Directed by Duncan Jones - Opens 4/1 and SXSW

Very excited to see Jones' sophomore feature after 2009's MOON.

HESHER - Directed by Spencer Susser - 4/?

HESHER opened to a lot of fanfare at last year's Sundance Film Fest. It's also co-written by ANIMAL KINGDOM's director David Michod, which is a plus.

I SAW THE DEVIL - Directed by Ji-woon Kim - Limited March Release

Kim is the director of 2008's THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE WEIRD, which was fun, but not overly special. I SAW THE DEVIL, however, is receiving some pretty impressive acclaim already over at Rotten Tomatoes and has lead to Kim receiving his first Hollywood directing assignment - LAST STAND starring Liam Neeson.

THOR - Directed by Kenneth Branagh - 5/6

I know most people have already seen this, but I thought to include it here. I want to be excited for THOR, but I can't really figure out what to make of it from the trailers. I have a similar attitude toward this summer's other superhero films THE GREEN LANTERN and CAPTAIN AMERICA. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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