Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hey! Look At This: GODSPEED

I can't be clear on all of the details of GODSPEED's plot, but an interesting trailer and rave reviews have caught my attention. GODSPEED premiered at CineVegas International Film Festival last June where it won the award for Exceptional Artistic Achievement. Here's the official plot:

"After a journey into the wilderness, Charlie (Joseph McKelheer) discovers clues behind his family's killings in this arresting dramatic thriller. Six months after his wife and son are brutally murdered, Charlie -- a former faith healer -- walks like a ghost through his small Alaskan town. He is shaken from his stupor when a young girl (Courtney Halverson) enlists him to help her own grieving father. From there, answers start unfolding."

The film was directed by relative unknown Robert Saitzyk and stars Joseph McKelheer. Look for it on DVD 4/20/2010.

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