Monday, March 1, 2010

Hey! Look At This

I was just doing my typical web-surfing when I saw a link for this movie trailer on IMDB. I had heard about Neil Jordan's ONDINE a few months back, but there wasn't a lot of info or a projected release date, so I put it out of mind. I'm glad to see that it's due for a limited release in the near future. It debuted at The Toronto International Film Festival last year and was featured in The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival a couple weeks back. This isn't one for my "Most Anticipated" list, but I think it's definitely something of interest.

Despite all of the criticism Colin Farrell takes, he has the potential to be a very good actor (see THE NEW WORLD or IN BRUGES). I hope this role further proves this. Neil Jordan is also a fantastic director and I look forward to seeing him returned to true form after the rather underwhelming THE BRAVE ONE.

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