Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jeremiah Johnson Fights/Kills American Indians

Well, the title really says it all. JEREMIAH JOHNSON is on AMC right now and I was just reminded of how much I enjoy this film. It was directed by Sydney Pollack and stars Robert Redford as the title character. Some would consider it a classic, but I actually enjoyed it because of how ridiculous it is.

First there's the hilarious theme song:

Then there's the fact that the majority of this film consists of Jeremiah hunting, fighting and subsequently killing Crow Indians:

This is the best, it's an actual montage from the film because, I'm guessing, the film was running too long and they couldn't include yet another hour of Redford killing indians:

That music is just perfect.

I think there were some possible whispers about a remake, but I'm not sure any of those were ever legitimate. I'm not sure a film that so heavily relies on mountain man on indian violence would be PC in these sensitive times. Either way, lots of fans of the original would throw a big stink about one if there was. I wouldn' long as it was a comedy and starred Will Ferrell as the mountain man. He'd also have to sing the theme song himself.

JEREMIAH JOHNSON - check it out.

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