Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey! Look At This: CROPSEY

Whilst checking out trailers today, this one caught my eye.

Here's the description from IMDB:
"Growing up on Staten Island, filmmakers Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio had often heard the urban legend of "Cropsey." It was a cautionary tale invented to keep them out of the abandoned buildings that remained of the Willowbrook Mental Institution. Cropsey was supposedly an escaped patient who would come out late at night and snatch children off the streetssometimes with a hook for a hand, other times with a bloody ax. But in 1987, Jennifer Schweiger, a 13-year-old with Down syndrome, disappeared from their community. For Zeman, Brancaccio, and the other kids of Staten Island, their urban legend became real."

Looks spooky, especially for a documentary. The film is currently making the film festival circuit. I'm not sure if a theater or DVD release is imminent, but the trailer making its way to Apple must mean something.

CROPSEY was awarded the Hammer to Nail's Grand Jury Prize for best documentary at 2009's Tribeca Film Festival.

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