Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This is worth its own post. Yesterday marked the release of the new INCEPTION trailer. Details on the next Christopher Nolan project have been kept fairly secret, but now a bit more light is starting to get shed. This new trailer reveals a bit more of the plot, what the title means and who some of the characters are. Take a look:

With each preview, I'm starting to get a bit more excited about this film. In fact, my expectations are just about reaching their limits. July 10th seems very far away at the moment, but I'm hoping it goes by fast. Nolan is a true legend in the making. If one film has the potential to 'wow' me this year, it's this one.

*In other trailer news, those who didn't see IRON MAN 2 this weekend can catch the special SUPER 8 teaser over at Apple Trailers.

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