Monday, May 17, 2010

Trailer Time

Apart from the SUPER 8 and INCEPTION previews that hit the internet last week, there were a few more intriguing trailers that debuted:

First off - THE AMERICAN. This film stars George Clooney and is the follow-up to director Anton Corbijn's well-respected Ian Curtis biopic CONTROL. The trailer suggests a calculated and well-shot thriller. I'm not a huge fan of Clooney (I wouldn't call myself a detractor either), but I did like CONTROL enough to make me very interested in this project. Its release is scheduled for September 1st.

Next up is THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU. Screenwriter George Nolfi's directorial debut stars Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and Terrence Stamp. This thriller based on a story by Philip K. Dick takes on an existential sci-fi twist, something I'm quite fond of. The trailer looks promising and I definitely like Stamp in the creepy-suit role. The film's release was scheduled for summer, but was pushed back to September 17.

Lastly - ANIMAL KINGDOM. This Australian production by director David Michod stars Guy Pearce (one of the most underrated actors currently working). The crime drama garnered some positive attention at Sundance and now boasts four very positive reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. The film will get a wide release this August.

There has also been a lot of coverage for the JONAH HEX trailer that recently debuted. In theory, this seems like an okay movie, but the preview looks terrible. The involvement of Michael Fassbender and Josh Brolin is completely negated by Megan Fox, who might just be the most irritating actress working today. Look it up for yourself if you're interested.

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