Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 Shows I'm Looking Forward to This Fall

7. "The Walking Dead" -

This AMC show based off the Robert Kirkman graphic novel series will premiere in October, but that might be too long of a wait. I'm very excited for the series, which debuted footage at last month's Comic-Con. However, I'm still waiting for a legit trailer or TV spot to be released. Right now, we have to settle for the bootleg preview, but that's still pretty cool,

8. "Sons of Anarchy" -

SOA is a hell of a show. Sometimes it's a bit audacious, but the story arc is solid and the whole cast is very believable (when you get over Charlie Hunnam speakin' American). In the past two seasons, the SAMCRO crew have battled with a rival Latino gang, overzealous ATF agents and evil white supremacists (one played to perfection by Henry Rollins). This season it's the IRA (that's right, the Irish Republican Army) and after last season's shocking culmination, one has no doubt as to why. Apparently, most of the season is set in Ireland and according to Hunnam (Jax) the whole season takes place over the course of only a week. I'm betting this is going to be some very intense television.

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