Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trailer Time

1. 127 HOURS

This film gets special attention because it's Danny Boyle's directorial follow-up to his Oscar-winning SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. I liked SLUMDOG, but I'm an even bigger fan of Boyle's other films, namely TRAINSPOTTING, SHALLOW GRAVE, 28 DAYS LATER and SUNSHINE. I'm glad he's now getting attention from the big Hollywood awards as it's been a long time coming and I'm confident 127 HOURS can outshine his last effort. Starring James Franco in the true story of a man forced to incredible extremes when trapped in the wilderness alone. Look for this film in November.


INSIDE JOB is a documentary examining the economic collapse of late 2008 that we're still feeling the effects of today. Who is responsible? Why did it happen? These are the questions every American needs to know.


This Doug Liman film follows in the same vein as the above documentary in that it involves a story of political corruption that has not received the proper transparency. FAIR GAME tells the story of a mother and CIA agent who was outed and slandered by the Bush Regime in an act of petty revenge against her husband, a journalist who questioned their WMD evidence in 2003. Naomi Watts plays the CIA agent and Sean Penn plays her husband.

4. "The Walking Dead"

Finally, a high-quality version of the comic-con trailer. No more bootlegs for the AMC series, which debuts in October.

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