Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nerd News

Lots of nerdy news this week:

Michael Fassbender rumored for either SPIDER-MAN or X-MEN: FIRST CLASS -

When James McAvoy was cast as Charles Xavier in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS a couple weeks back, I made a few predictions as to who might fill the role of young Magneto. Fassbender was on my list (which also included Tom Hardy and Ryan Gosling) and it looks like that is becoming a possibility. I thought Hardy seemed more likely, but I was definitely hoping Fassbender would get the role. He has a pretty solid range, so I'm sure he could pull it off. If not Magneto, Fassbender might be in line to play a villain in the SPIDER-MAN reboot. Which villain? Nobody knows as details on the film are being pretty closely guarded, but I'd be happy with this as a consolation if he didn't get the X-MEN role. He was great in last year's INGLORIOUS BASTERDS and phenomenal in FISH TANK. He can be seen later this summer in JONAH HEX, which looks crummy, but his villainous role might save the whole damn thing. He also appeared in 300, so he must be big on graphic novel adaptations, or maybe he knows that they're a great way to make a lot of money and get a lot of exposure. Good for him, I hope one of these opportunities pans out for him.

Jamie Bell likely to play Peter Parker in SPIDER-MAN -

I liked the Raimi films just fine, but I was never big on Tobey Maguire in the title role. He's just too much of a wiener and a bit too whiny. I can't get behind a Spidey like that. That's why I was a bit miffed when I heard Sony was considering a bunch of new wiener kids to play him in the reboot. After a bunch of rumors and casting news, Jamie Bell has emerged as the likely candidate. I can't say I'm too familiar with all his work and I never saw BILLY ELLIOT (where he got his start), but he has a nice resume and seems like a stout fellow. That is to say - I'd be okay if he was officially cast. Though I'm still not terribly excited for this film.

Geoffrey Rush to return as Barbossa in PIRATES 4: ON STRANGER TIDES -

Well good! Rush was probably my favorite part about the first film and I suppose then my favorite part of the whole series. I didn't care for PIRATES 2 or 3, but 4 is starting to come together nicely with Depp, Rush and McShane on board with no Bloom or Knightley in sight. It's getting more and more likely that I'll want to see this in theaters.

In a bit of Television News: Ricky Gervais to appear on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" -

The news that "Curb" is coming back for another season is great enough, but this news that Gervais will appear in, at least, the 8th episode of next season is the icing on the cake. Apparently, he will be playing himself. What interactions he could have with Larry I can't even imagine in my wildest, funniest dreams. I have such high hopes for this. Apparently, "Curb" is set to start production soon with an aim at airing on HBO in 2011.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumored to be in the running for Riddler role in DARK KNIGHT follow-up -

Gordon-Levitt is turning into quite a sought-after actor these days. Lots of people really love him and a few like to hate on him, I'm one of those rare people in the middle. I haven't seen anything yet that would make me an avid supporter, but I don't doubt that he has talent. He apparently joked about reading for the third Batman film while working with director Christopher Nolan on this summer's INCEPTION and that has reportedly become a reality. I feel like we're a few months away from hearing any concrete news on the matter and I'm not even sure that the film's script is finished. Furthermore, I'm not sure why everyone is assuming that the Riddler has to be the villain in this film. It's likely, but not a given as there are plenty of other interesting villains that could be utilized. Personally, I think JGL is a bit young for the Riddler role, but I guess I wouldn't mind it and I certainly wouldn't mind him taking on some other role in the film. More news on Batman casting as it comes.

The Mortal Kombat short film/movie pitch -

Well, here it is:

It's come to light that this clip is a pitch made by FAME remake director Kevin Tancharoen to Warner Brothers in the hopes of getting the chance to direct the next film in the series. The studio is said to be keen on rebooting the series. I'm not sure why, I didn't think people were all that in to Mortal Kombat these days, but what do I know? Fans seems to really be liking this short film and hoping it will be made into a feature. I'm less enthusiastic. I don't see the need for a MK film at all. If this short were actually a trailer, I don't think I'd see the film. But that being said, If one does get made, I hope this guy gets the job because he seems to be very enthusiastic and despite my misgivings about the short, it's done well for only costing $7500. I'll be interested to see what the studios decision is and what the final product will be. However, I'm still predicting an MK reboot never gets off the ground.

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