Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trailer Time

Just a few trailers I thought I'd share:


I wish this film was still going by its original title, which refers to the ceasefire pleas he made before eventually being gunned down by friendly fire. Pat Tillman was a heroic and honorable man and a true patriot. Friendly fire isn't a great way to go, but it happens. That's not the appalling part of his death. What's shocking is that his family was lied to and the details of his death were covered-up. The lack of honesty by the US Military during this whole ordeal was shameful and petty. There was no good reason to hide the details of Pat's death. He deserved a lot more than that. Hopefully this film has brought his family some measure of peace because now everyone can know the truth of what transpired.


This film is an adaptation of the Jim Thompson novel of the same name. Stacey Keach also starred in a 1976 version of the film. I've taken a particular interest in this film because I've heard so many great things about the book. I'm also a huge supporter of Casey Affleck ever since THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES. He's truly a remarkable actor and early reports indicate that his performance in this film is outstanding. THE KILLER INSIDE ME premiered at Sundance earlier this year to a fair amount of controversy due to its lengthy depictions of violence against women. Numerous critics demonized the film and cursed Sundance for showcasing it. A great quote coming from Stephen Dalton at The Times takes a jab at reviewers who judged the film so harshly "The Film Critics, I suspect, have made the classic mistake of confusing content for intent". The film is currently in the midst of a limited release and I can't imagine it getting much wider.


CYRUS also premiered at Sundance earlier this year, but to a good amount of fanfare. The Duplass brothers (BAGHEAD) direct John C. Riley, Jonah Hill, Marisa Tomei and Catherine Keener in this peculiar comedy. I'm excited to see this because Jonah Hill's performance looks downright fantastic, mixing humor with sadness with a touch of scary. This film is also in the midst of a limited release. I can't imagine why it wouldn't hit more theaters in the near future considering its popular cast.


Towards the end of the trailer there were some critical comparisons to THE LIVES OF OTHERS. If this is at all true, then this film is worth seeing. I love the idea of Cold War spy films post-Cold War.

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