Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trailer Time

It's time to take a look at a few trailers for upcoming films!

Recently, I posted a trailer for Neil Marshall's CENTURION. Now they've released a red band trailer that gives an even better sense of the film's plot with the addition of a few more gory sequences as well. I'm excited for this one because the footage from the trailer looks great and stories about wayward groups of soldiers always have potential.

CENTURION has a release date set for late August. I hope it's a wide release as this is definitely worth a trip to the theater.

Next up is the trailer for [REC]2, the sequel to [REC], the popular Spanish film that spawned the well-receieved American remake QUARANTINE. To be honest, I never saw the American film, but I heard it was pretty close to the Spanish film, which I thought was a pretty good little film. It's shot using the ol' diegetic digital camera gimmick. I'm not a huge fan of this technique, but it works well in [REC], which was thoroughly creepy and better than most recent zombie-fare.

The sequel reminds me a bit of ALIENS as it pertains to the plot. In the trailer we see a group of soldiers headed into the arena of the first film to handle the violent contagion. Presumably, they would be better equipped to handle the situation, just like the marines in ALIENS, but we know how things are likely to end up. "Game over, Man! Game over!".

[REC] 2 actually has a pre-theatrical rental/on-demand promotion going on at the moment. I'm not sure which outlets are offering this, but it seems like a lot. You can rent it for 48-hours at Amazon.com for $9.99. Otherwise, the film has a limited US release set up for early July. Personally, I think the on-demand idea was a very smart way to make this film more accessible. Kudos to whomever decided on that.

Lastly, I wanted to post the trailer for Sophia Coppola's next film SOMEWHERE. I'm not a big supporter of the director actually. I liked THE VIRGIN SUICIDES, disliked LOST IN TRANSLATION and downright despise MARIE ANTOINETTE, but something makes me think I'll appreciate this film.

I'm happy to see Stephen Dorff return to a good role. He's been doing bit parts and straight-to-video for a while now and I always thought he deserved a more prominent career. I'd also recently noticed that Dorff started to look really old, but he looks like a movie star again in this trailer. Coppola did a lot for Bill Murray's dramatic career with LOST IN TRANSLATION, maybe this film with garner Dorff similar positive attention. SOMEWHERE is set for a wide release on December 22nd of this year.

Oh, I have one more actually, for Mark Romanek's NEVER LET ME GO. This is Romanek's first feature since ONE HOUR PHOTO back in 2002. He was then slated to take on THE WOLFMAN a few years back, but left due to creative differences. I wonder what his version of that film would have been like, probably better than Johnston's. Either way, this trailer looks pretty interesting.

The trailer is a bit foggy on a premise, but it seems to have an ISLAND-esque plot. At some point in their development, these children are sacrificed for something, putting an end to their "short lives" as mentioned in the trailer. The setting of the film being an English boarding school is very interesting when juxtaposed with that type of sci-fi; We see the electronic bracelets in the preview. These types of stories have been done before, but they are typically loud, action-packed affairs. This seems to be a quiet film, more introspective, perhaps focusing more on the existential questions of humanity. I like this and with Alex Garland (28 DAYS LATER, SUNSHINE) in charge of the screenplay, my faith in the film is that much more solidified.

NEVER LET ME GO has a limited release date scheduled for October 1st. Hopefully, it will have a wider release before the end of the year.

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